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About us

Razvojno Inovacioni Sistem

Razvojno Inovacioni Sistem Ltd. was founded in 2016. in Belgrade with the idea to make an impact in practical and theoretical approach to catastrophe risk mitigation and emergency situation management with an ambition to be a reliable partner for various partners of relevance in this field. Founder of the company is MSc Milan Marković.

Issuance of
Estimates and Plans

Razvojno Inovacioni Sistem provides following services to the interested subjects: Estimation of catastrophe risk, Protection and rescue Plan, Risk Estimation in protection of people, property and business.

Mobile anti-flooding
system- RIS MPPS 2020

Razvojno Inovacioni Sistem is in posession of equipment that can influence risk mitigation and fast recovery, and is defined by virtue of the Decision of the Government of Republic of Serbia as a subject of special significance for protection and rescuion in Republic of Serbia. Product RIS MPPS 2020 is a mobile antiflooding system which consists of tubes made of TPU material, that are filled with water.

System for integrated emergency management

Razvojno Inovacioni Sistem owns copyrights on the software application SIUVS, which enables simple updating and overview of all information from the Estimation of catastrophe risk, Plan of protection and rescuing, catastrophes risk mitigation Plan, which are key for efficent decision making concerning risk mitigation and emergency management.

Our company cooperates with numerous licensed experts for the above mentioned services, and also posesses a certificate on fulfilling quality standards ISO 9001 that demonstrates management quality compliance in this field: providing services in security sector, risk Estimates and issuance of protection and rescue Plans. Furthermore, Razvojno Inovacioni Sistem posesses ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certificate- System of information security management, while providing services of research in security sector, issuance of catastrophe risk Estimates and Plans of protection and rescue.

iso-9001 (1)
iso-27001 (1)