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System for integrated management of emergency situations

Razvojno Inovacioni Sistem Ltd. owns copyrights on the Software app SIUVS- System for integrated management of emergency situations( Disaster Risk Identification System- DRIS) which enables simple updating and overview of data from the Catastrophe risk Estimate, Plans of protection and rescuing( DRIS- SIUVS 1.0), Plan for Risk mitigation and operational plans of flood protection( DRIS- SIUVS 2.0), which are important for decision making in regard to risk mitigation and emergency situation management.

SIUVS emerged as a part of the project “ Nation program of risk management of Republic of Serbia, support to the Project of the general early warning system” SRB-SDC-DRM-ETE-2018-14, supported by the Swiss agency for development and cooperation (SDC).

System for integrated management is in the phase of implementation in all units of local self-government in Republic of Serbia, and adequate access passwords are handed in to the state authorities.

Mobile app SIUVS

Newest version of the SIUVS app (DRIS-SIUVS 3.0 mobile) enables, besides various informative functions, the comunication between the Staff for emergency sistuations and all citizens who download the application. By doing so the Staff for emergency situations, more specifically, an authorised person, cann send notifications via SIUVS system to the cellphones of citizens about any extraordinary event that is expected or is occuring on the territory of the municipality together with directions for handling these situations.

Mobile app SIUVS can be downloaded freely in the Google Play shop.

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