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Flood protection system

Flood protection system RIS MPPS 2020

Product RIS MMPS 2020 is a mobile flood protections system consisting of tubes produced out of TPU materials filled with waters. Tube are not permanently connected, and when they are installed they can be set one by another, or two- one by another with the third one layed on top of them. Product is produced in following versions: BASIC, WT, BASIC+, WT+

When the tubes are set one by another, they are connected with belts on two specially marked places, cthrough vents in case one of them is model WT or WT+. If the third one is laid on top of them, then it also gets connected with the belts, which are delivered in sufficient quantity together with the product. With the product comes a sufficient number of connecteing hoses consisting of the absorbant hose 3 meters long with an inner diameter of 52 mm, wire enforced, with a fast Monsoon connector for the Monsoon valve on one side and fast Storz connector.



Length: 5, 10 и 20 m

Height/ Tube radius: 90 cm.

Material: TPU Polyester 1100 dtex 1000g/m2, covered on both sides

Material color: Orange

Security valve: max 0.33 bar on the upper side

Valve – Valve for manuell pressure control

Fluorescent addition: 1 m long tape, pasted on the side

2 „Monsoon“ valves for water-filling and machine emptying on the upper side

2 openings on the ends for emptying of wather through water flow out

Welding of materials and parts: HF welding technology

Signs of the direction of setting, border by lengthwise setting, height of maximal pressure of security valve and basic information about the product.





Addition “pad“
Glued material 2,05 m wide
Waterproof along the entire length





Storz fast clutch for filling
in the middle of the tube
from the top